We are pleased to advise that Miflexhoses are the Exclusive Distributor for OmniSwivel in the UK.

These high quality products are an extensive range of different adaptors and connectors with the full support and back up of OmniSwivel International.

For more information about the OmniSwivel contact Miflexhoses:
Email: sales@miflexhoses.co.uk or Telephone: +44 (0)116 238 8255

OmniSwivel International (originally named “M&J Engineering”) is one of the original high-end corporate manufacturers for the diving industry and goes back to the
early 1970’s.

The name “M&J Engineering” is well known around the world by the original line companies and now is synonymous with the name OmniSwivel International.

The companies focus from its inception has always been “How to make diving safer and easier for the diver”. The company is designed to research and develop high end component products for the recreational scuba, technical and re-breather diving industry.

We only make products that we ourselves use for in-house diving and testing before they go on the market. We understand and have experienced the dangers inherent in the
diving industry.

Our products are well known to the high tech divers and rescue workers that need total stability such as:

A. Rebreather / Technical Divers
B. Search, Rescue and Recovery Agencies
C. Police Departments and Fire Departments
D. Military

Johan Wythoff (Owner/Engineer) has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of “Top Quality” Product in metals such as titanium, gold, silver stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum as well as various high end plastics.
The following are examples of products produced for various concerns as well as products invented, patented and marketed by OmniSwivel International around the world:

A. High tech diving related components.
B. Micro wave components.
C. Bicycle racing parts.
D. Earth quake valves.
E. Phosphor Bronze for turbo chargers.
F. Scales and Measuring Equipment
G. Gold quality products
H. Finite Body Jewellery

OmniSwivel International is the leading developer in the USA for proto-type and product development. We specialize in bringing your best ideas to fruition, from start to finish. Our complete spectrum of machining capabilities will help keep your product line ahead of the competitions.
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